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Hi I'm Pam, I'm living in Southern Utah on 42 acres with a bad well, with my husband and our English Bull Terrier Olive, we are empty nesters, which I don't think I will ever get use to that.

My husband and I are native Californians that moved to Utah 3 years ago after my husband retired.  This is not my first blog, when I lived in California I had a food blog called House of Pamcakes.  When we decided to put our house on the market I closed my blog and we got to work updating our house for potential buyers.

On advise from a friend who moved here we came up to check the town out, found our house and made an offer, which was accepted fast.  We came home started packing up the house and stage the house to look appealing, boom it was on the market.  Within 2 1/2 months we sold our home.  Instead of using movers we moved everything in a week putting everything in storage waiting for escrow to close.  Note:  Never move in winter.  We had to live in a hotel for 2 weeks waiting for escrow to close.

We live on a mountain with the closest neighbor being 2 miles away.  We are surrounded by BLM land and nobody can build around us.  Lots of trees and wildlife, I love it.  I went to reopen my blog and I found out I waited too long, someone had claimed my name.  They have posted one time and that was on October 12, 2011.  I was devastated and kicking myself for closing it out when I should have just left it alone until I was ready to start it up again.

My husband kept calling our place Rancho Delux and I thought that would be a great name for my new blog and Living Rancho Delux was born.  I started out posting about our life on the mountain so family and friends could see what we were up to.  Little by little it started to turn into a food blog.  I found that I was cooking 99% of the time for two reasons, not much to do here and to be honest there are only a few edible restaurants in this town.

Now the bad news....we are not happy here.  We don't fit in, we miss our daughter and truth be told the sellers were not honest with us about the property and we have had 3 years of trouble with our well and not having water all the time is a big problem.  Our plan is to move back to California without losing money on our home, so it could be a few years before that will happen.   In the meantime we are making it work.

If you are considering moving, here are some things we learned.  Never take someones word for the area they love check everything out for yourself.  City-Data.com is a good place to start, take the local newspaper.  Try to spend more than a couple weeks in the town to check it out and in different seasons.  Find out all their local laws, regulations, what might be normal where you are living can be completely different in another state.  If you have any questions about moving feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share more of our experience and what we have learned.

About: Living Rancho Delux

My Style of Cooking - Family style, home cooking.  What you see in my photos are what we are eating within minutes of me taking a photo.  My photographs are not great, I'm not a photographer, when I get a good shot I am excited.  I don't believe in wasting food to get a good shot.

If I'm not happy with the recipe I made it will not go on my blog.

I will host giveaways now and then....if you are a sponsor I would be happy to host a giveaway for you.

I have tested recipes for author's of cookbooks

I have reviewed cookbooks and products

You can contact me at:  RanchoDelux@ymail.com

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  1. Hi Pam! :)
    I found you through a comment on another cooking blog, 'Simply Gourmet'. I saw your post about living in Utah ( I live in Utah as well) and not having friends here so you connect a lot through Facebook (if I didn't type what you meant I apologize, my memory isn't great). Anyhow, I went to see your profile to see if you had a blog or anything like that and YAY! You do! And I am looking at all 3 blogs (this one atm). After reading the above it made me feel sad that you feel like you don't fit in. I too am in Utah (northern Utah) and I feel the same way about feeling like I don't fit in, though I have lived here on and off at different times over the years. I've moved around most of my life and always found it extremely difficult to make friends as I am really shy, usually, and I have major social anxiety which makes it even more difficult for me to make friends and/or be social. Add onto that moving so much most of my life, Facebook seemed like a good fit for me, for a while anyways. It is 'fitting' less and less for me as many commented on the post on the 'Simply Gourmet' blog post. I don't know what made me comment here other than that I am in Utah and don't feel like I fit in either. By looking at your blogs (the two I have looked at so far) I am excited to get to know you even though it will be virtually. I love that you started running (that's on my bucket list...to work up to a marathon someday. I might be insane to even put that in type, though, as I have never really 'run'. I am more a walker/jogger sort of person.) I look forward to reading your previous posts (on the other blog) about running and such. As I am soooo far out of shape and have to actually 'decide' I will start walking/jogging again it may be a bit before I actually 'start' the process. But from what posts of yours I glanced/skimmed; I know you have a lot of wisdom, tips and wonderful information to share that will be helpful to me. This blog...well I love recipes, not so much the cooking part (I prefer baking) but I love trying new foods, seeing what recipes people come up with, basically to me I look at a cookbook like one would look at a catalog of fancy items that you can't afford and maybe never could obtain. I love the pictures, recipes, tidbits of information about the recipes, the sharing of family stories and how a recipe came down through generations, etc. It's not so much to me about actually making the recipe, but more the possibility. Idk if that makes sense or not but cooking/baking is a definite interest of mine. I will try to keep up with those 2 blogs for sure. I am going to wander off to look at your other blog now. I wish you the best with your blogs; life in Utah til you can return to California; may you kick butt with your running and races; and may you enjoy lots of yummy food, lots of laughter, much love and an abundance of happiness in your life. I hope you have a wonderful day today and a fabulous rest of your week! Sincerely, Sabrina 'Mippy' :)


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