Monday, November 21, 2011

Adventure = Stranded for 6 Hours

Our Sunday started out normal went down to Starbucks to get drinks and then Bill said what do you want to do next.  I suggested we go to Oscar's just outside of Zion National Park they have the best food and Josh and Anna kept talking about the "Murder Burger" (check out their menu).

It was also my suggestion that we take the back way to Zion via Kolob Reservoir Road up the mountain.  Part way up the mountain Anna and I were ready to turn around and take the Hwy to Zion.  It was very icy and Bill wanted to forge on.  Once we got up to the top it wasn't bad so we kept going. 

Taken with my iPhone

It was a beautiful drive through the bare Aspens and a lot of snow

All was good until we came around this corner.  It doesn't look as bad as the photos were the Aspens were.  Oh, but don't let this road fool you.   We slide to the right of the road and didn't realize we were in a ditch were the snow was 3 feet deep.  This was a 1:00pm.  The one thing we had in the truck a shovel. Josh and Bill took turns digging the truck out and it wouldn't budge.  For two hours they worked on trying to get the truck out.  All of a sudden we spotted a truck coming towards us but not on the road but in the meadow along the road.  Bill stopped them they had the same truck as us and we knew they could get stuck too so they said they would go and get help.  That was at about 3:00pm and we told Bill's friend whom we called that help was on it's way so don't bother finding someone to help us.

As we sat in the car waiting for help for another two hours it is now 5:00 pm we started talking on what we were going to do if these people bailed on us.  We could sleep in the car or there was a cabin within walking distance we could break in and at least have a place to sleep for the night.  Did I mention a storm was coming in.  (stupid Californians for going out in weather)  I was looking around with the binoculars and just over the hill about us I could see the top of a vehicle.  Bill then too the binoculars and could see someone walking around.  The guy starting walking towards us and Bill started to walk to him.  It just so happened he was stuck in the snow too but not as bad as us.  Bill grabbed the snow and they worked to get his truck out of the snow.   

The couple had called her father to help get them out of the snow.  So now help was on it's way.  Did I mention the other people never came back with anyone to help us.  By the time help got there the it was almost dark.  Everyone (the guys) worked hard shoveling the snow around us.  They hooked up the truck to the Bronco and he drug the truck but it wouldn't pop out of the ditch and then it would get stuck again.  This kept happening for a half hour.  We were so close to were their was no snow just dirt and also at the worst part of the ditch where it was very deep and went into the ravine.  He snapped us up and we flew out of the ditch and were free.  Josh said the back end of the truck had to be 5 feet in the air. 

I will admit it after sitting there for 6 hours and a rush of relief set over me and I started to cry.  On the way home I said to everyone we have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving 5 strangers that went out of their way in 28 degree weather and snow to help us.  

We never made it to Oscar's but we will go there but this time we will take the Highway and save the scenic route for Summer.

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  1. Wow! I'm glad you are okay. Shame on these people for not coming back.


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