Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Pam and I Have An Addiction - Pinterest

I have had a Pinterest account for 6 months and had no idea how it worked.  I would stare at it and close the screen out and put it off for another day.  Days turned into months, I uploaded a dozen of my own photos around Christmas and then a few nights ago I sat down and started "Pinning" in 3 days I had over 400 photos pinned.  

I love having recipes at my finger tips along with beautiful photographs.  Decorating ideas, dream kitchens, holiday ideas, clothing, shoes I could never afford and perfectly decorated fingernails (when I have fingernails I don't take care of).  Oh and then when someone pins something you love,  you feel so special and validated.  You don't feel like that kid in grade school that was always picked last.  You think to yourself "I have arrived!"

My favorite quote I have found for Pinterest "Pinterest, it's like Fantasy Football for Girls"  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest my button is off to the right. *smiling*


Anna and Josh bought me a cookbook at Urban Outfitters when they were in California.  

 (warning - It may offend some, but not me - my daughter knows me so well)

The recipes look great and I can't wait to try them out

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