Monday, September 24, 2012

Day Trip to the Desert

Bill and I went for a drive yesterday to the desert.  Got some nice photos of some old mines.  Also took a couple of interesting photos while we were going through one of the towns nearby the mine.

This closed hotel had beautiful stain glass windows above the windows and doors

Not sure what this ad was for. I love the colors and the way the paint is pealing off the bricks

 I think this could have been the office for this mine

Look at the way it was put together just using stones found in this area

This is what is left of the roof

There are mine shafts all over the property some are boarded up some are not

Here is a boiler and in the background is a mine shaft

There were core sample left all over the ground

 Couple of crows that were dive bombing each other

There was a ton of stuff buried in the ground

 Interesting shapes

This looks like part of a cast iron stove

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