Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Colors of Fall

Bill, Olive and I drove up to the meadow above us which is about 3 miles.  Olive played with her egg while I walked around snapping photos.  I took these photos a week ago the Aspen trees are now bright yellow.

I lived in Los Angeles where it was green all year long. This is such a treat to see the Fall colors and I'm in awe every year when the leaves start changing.

The two years our daughter lived here in Utah with us she always seem to go back to California during this time of year to visit friends and she never got to see the beauty this time of the year in person.  I hope she will be able to visit us during this window of opportunity before we move (not sure when we will be moving but it's in our future).


  1. Just stunning. I'm sure the pictures don't nearly do it justice!
    I enjoyed seeing Olive playing with her big yellow egg. At first I thought it was a pumpkin. LOL


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