Monday, January 12, 2015

First Week - I need to make some changes

I started last week off with a bang. Monday I walked 14,812 steps,  Tuesday 16,870, Wednesday 16,463 and Thursday 18,789.  Friday was my rest day and I still walked 9,321 steps, Saturday and Sunday were not good days, both days I walked a little over 6,000 steps.  I have been so hungry, enough that I gained weight.

It wasn't like this, this past summer, what was different?  During the summer I was getting up early having breakfast and going walking before it got too hot. By the time I got home it was still early enough to have my coffee, enjoy my lunch and continue with my day.

Now I'm putting off walking until 10 or 11 until it warms up. I have a light breakfast, no coffee until I get back home which is around 2pm. (who wants to be out in the middle of nowhere and having to pee) I often skip lunch because dinner is getting close and I'm hungry and overeating.  Yes I am walking and that's a good thing but, I don't feel I am getting anything else done.

I think it will be trial and error until I find a schedule that works for me.  My first step is getting up earlier, planning my day out and sticking to it.

Current Weight: 196.8
Start Weight: 236.3
Goal Weight: 130


  1. It takes awhile to get back into the groove of things. I've found that once the pounds start dropping, it's so much easier to keep on track because you can see that it's actually working.


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