Monday, December 19, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Almost 2 weeks ago Bill and I were on a mission to find our Christmas Tree.  We walked through the snow (some places it was up to my knees) looking for our perfect tree.  We did find some beautiful perfect trees however, I didn't want to cut down a perfect tree just so it would be thrown out later.  We did find a tree that did have some bare areas and I could live with that.

We had some errands to run and would cut down the tree when we got home.  We grabbed the chainsaw and by the time we left the house it was snowing.  The tree was just 100 yards from the house.

Timber our tree is coming down.  You can see Mr. Chainsaw in this shot

Here is Bill dragging our tree home

Here is our tree.  Josh and Anna said it looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on Steroids.
I bought this yippy skippy tree stand and it would not even hold the tree.  I'm not sure if it was the stand or that the tree is very heavy.  Bill took wire and secured it to the railing in 3 places.

Photo with lights and tree topper

Photo with bulbs. Thank you mom for all the ornaments I didn't even come close to having enough ornaments for a 12 foot tree

Photo with all the ornaments 

Photo of completed tree down to tinsel and gifts.  Filled in the bare spots pretty good

I told Bill that I think a fake tree is the way to go.  He said "Oh, no this is now going to be a tradition.  Finding our tree when it's snowing, 20 degrees and dragging it home and maybe next year it should be 20 feet".  Yeah right!

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  1. It is perfect. A fake true appeals to me for ease, but nothing matches a real one...


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