Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve....Looking Forward

Here it is New Years Eve time to say good-bye to another year.  To tell you the truth I am very happy to see 2012 gone.  Instead of dwelling on a not so good year I am going to look forward to the New Year with a fresh start and optimism.

To start the year off I am going to be changing up my blog I will be adding more than food.  I am hoping this will help me with one of my goals for 2013 by being more creative and trying new things. 

If I can keep on the right track with my blogging schedule it will then help me with another goal which is to be more organized in my home and in my life.  This is something I have struggled with all my life I am ready to hand over my crown as the Procrastination Queen to someone else.

Then there is the resolution almost everyone has about getting healthy.  I did pretty good last year losing 30 pounds but I still have a ways to go.  Instead of waiting that extra day to start I am starting today for some reason I like starting on a Monday.  Today is my first day (again) of TurboFire.
I'm sticking with TurboFire I know it works and it is fun.

Throughout the year I will add goals to my list and share them here.  It's funny I will have a ton of ideas/goals in my head and as soon as I look at a blank piece of paper my mind goes blank too.
Nothing has to be set in stone by New Years Day especially when it has to do with enriching your life that is something we can work on the whole year long. 

Tonight my husband and I are going to enjoy a nice evening together watching Harry Potter (I've only watched up to the 4th movie) while eating finger foods and toasting in the New Year.

How will you be spending the last day of the year?  

I will see you in 2013

Until Next Year,


  1. Wishing you success with your continued weight loss Pam! LOL...I know how hard it is to accomplish...and to maintain :)


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