Friday, February 17, 2012

Las Vegas - Part Two

Day two of Vegas started with hitting Starbucks and heading back to the room to get ready.  Las Vegas has a monorail system that nobody seemed to be using or maybe it was because it was weekday.  For only $12.00 per person you can get a all day pass on the monorail. Each stop would cover 4 or 5 hotels on the strip.  At 10am we were off first stop Fashion Show (mall/shopping center) It was so nice to go into a real shopping center since we really don't have anything like that in Southern Utah.  Mostly we window shopped.  We stopped in at Neiman Marcus and had a bite to eat in their cafe.  They have the best popovers with strawberry butter.

The last time I really spent any time in Las Vegas was before New York, New York had even opened and Anna was around 7 years old.  

Anna has been to Las Vegas more than me so she wanted me to see some of the hotels.  Wow things have really changed.

The two pictures above are in the Wynn.  What a beautiful resort I would like to stay here one time
This is the ceiling in the Venetian Resort

One thing on Anna's list was to go to Planet Hollywood she wanted to go to the Bettie Page Clothing store.  What darling clothing and Anna came home with a jumper, blouse, sweater, t-shirt and dress. I tried to pull some photos of the clothing off the Bettie Page website however it wouldn't let me.  I will have to wait until Anna gets all dolled up and take photos to share.

It was starting to get dark so it was time for dinner and there was one place I really wanted to go.  We headed over to Caesar's Palace to eat at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill.  I knew the food was going to be wonderful but let me tell you I was so impressed with the staff.  They knew that menu backwards and forwards, answered all your questions, checked on you often and my ice tea never was past half full.

We started our meal with a Queso Dip

Anna had Sophie's Chopped Salad which she tweaked it a bit having them leave off the chickpeas and white beans.  She requested avocado on the side instead.  She was in salad heaven.

I had the Coffee Rubbed Filet Mignon with Mashed Potatoes with Green Chili Queso Sauce we did not have a dessert we were too full from this incredible meal

Outside of Cesar's was this beautiful Buddhist Prayer Shrine

Las Vegas Strip

After walking around seeing the sights and shopping for over 10 hours we headed by to MGM for a good nights sleep.  Oh you ask did we do any gambling?  We each put $20.00 in the slot machines and lost it quite fast.  For me Las Vegas just isn't the same when it comes to the machines.  Maybe I'm getting old but I like the dials that spin and hearing the coins clinking not the digital machines that you get a cash out slip.  Next trip I would like to try Morimoto's restaurant and go to at least one show and of course some more shopping.

The third day we skipped Vegas and went to Henderson, NV we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up training shoes. Anna and I are starting TurboFire but that will have to wait for another post.

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  1. Great pictures - I'm sure you and Anna had a wonderful time! Next time- I'm going!


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