Thursday, February 16, 2012

Viva Las Vegas - Part 1

Last week Anna and I went to Las Vegas for 3 days.  We needed a girls trip of food and shopping.  We stayed at the MGM Grand.

 This was our suite
Beautiful and very comfortable

Here is Anna in the bathroom - we made jokes about the tiny stripper pole

Our first day there we walked around which was pretty scary in the afternoon to evening.  Watched kids doing drugs right out on the strip.  People handing you cards with half naked women on them finally started to tell them I have a pair of those and can look at them anytime I wanted to.

For dinner the that night we stayed at the MGM and went to Wolfgang Pucks.  So glad we did it was amazing.

We started our meal with Truffled Potato Chips with a Maytag Blue Cheese Sauce. Anna doesn't like any of those things and she said that the one of the best things she has eaten.

 Anna got the Spaghettini and a side of Yukon Gold Potato Purée (which I didn't post a photo of the potaotes) 
I got the Pancetta wrapped meatloaf with Yukon gold potato purée with mushroom gravy.  Both of us only ate half of our dinner to save room for dessert.  
Our waiter Robert suggested this dessert and I'm happy he did. Chocolate Beignets, cream brulee, mango and strawberry sorbets, vanilla ice cream and fresh berries.  All I can say it was to die for.

Part two tomorrow

Until Next Time,

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