Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

Last year I did a blog post on Utah's BLM and Forestry.  They were here cutting down trees making a fire block since our home was in harms way "if" there was a fire (they like to say "When" there is a fire).  There are hundreds of piles around us that need to be burned.  The conditions have to be right for the Forestry to give the okay to burn the piles.  BLM was here one day last week a burned some piles and they were here yesterday afternoon burning.  Since the days are getting warmer they figure this will be the last time this season they will be able to burn the piles so they are hitting it very aggressive.

We were going to go into town and pick up our mail and go to the market however, the burning is getting very close to the house so we figured it would be better to stay home.

Here is how the burning is progressing

I wonder how many people in town have seen the smoke and called the fire department. 

We love our Utah BLM and Forestry Departments.  They are the best bunch of guys and gals.  We thank them so much for helping to keep our home and property safe.

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  1. Thanks now that song will be in my head and I'm not particularly happy with the prove you're not a robot words I got - one of the was urfat.

  2. #1 I didn't know that was a song, LOL
    #2 That is too funny "urfat"
    #3 That is why I'm doing TurboFire

  3. LOL -

    Well, truthfully it sad "nsfat" but "urfat" is funnier.

    I need to walk up and down the basement stairs more than one time a day. :-)


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