Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Still Winter in Utah

We had a little snow a couple of days ago our property seems to be the line on where the snow starts on the mountain.  The wind was blowing so our decks were covered with snow.  

This photo was taken on Anna's deck right outside her bedroom

Thursday the Forestry Department was burning the piles of wood that they had cut this past summer.

I should get some really good photos when they start burning the piles closer to the house.  There are hundreds of piles and they are hoping to get them all burned in a couple days. Otherwise they will have to wait until next summer to finish.

We started putting a harness on Olive when she goes not her walks.  She does not like the harness one bit and runs out to the garage or down to the basement to avoid being saddled up. We are trying to get her use to the harness so we are leaving it on her for at least half the day.  It is so funny to watch her walk around the house dragging her body against the leather chair, the yoga mats hanging on the railing. She is also dropping down rubbing her back on the wood floors.  She is a hoot to watch.

I must say I am looking forward to Spring and having everything dried out.  The mud we have this summer makes it hard to even leave the house.  I would much rather have the ground frozen so we could drive up to the house.  It is really getting to be a pain to walk the groceries up to the house. I hope that groundhog is wrong and Spring is just around the corner.

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