Saturday, June 16, 2012

Utah Summer Games and Rodeo

We have a full house right now Jacqui and Josh have come up for a visit from California.  Of course the worst thing could happen....water pump problems.  We are working around it and we hope to have someone come out today and see what the heck is going on. 

Aside from that we are having a great time.  Thursday night Anna, Jacqui and I went to the Utah Summer Games Opening Ceremonies.  It began with the March of Athletes, Hall of Honor Inductees, Lighting of the Cauldron and entertainment.  I'm not going to sugar coat this the group "Remix" performed and it like watching a Bad 1990's boys band and it made Utah look like they were 20 years behind the times.  Sorry boys but you were hard to watch.

They should have scrapped Remix for the 2nd act The Thrillbillies, Nitro Circus.  What an exciting and fun 25 minutes.  We watched the funny antics of the skateboarders, BMX, trash can riding and even "Wheels" going up and down ramps to cheers, crashes and flips to the motorcycles doing jumps, freestyle and flips.  I just wish I could have gotten better photos to share.

The program ended with a exciting firework display.  Again, I wish I could have gotten better photos.  I really need to work on night photos.

Friday night was the Cedar City Championship Rodeo which is part of the PRCA.  The whole family including Olive came out for the Rodeo.  It was a very nice evening my favorite event is the Bull Riding and they had a rough night the bulls were the clear  winners not one of the riders made a timed score.  I wish I was able to get photos of the bull riding it was too dark.  I look forward to the Rodeo which is only once a year.  (I would go every week)  We took Olive and she even enjoyed herself.  It was funny to watch her while she was watching a calf run by. I hope you enjoy the photos that I did take and I'm sorry some of them are blurry.

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  1. Sounds like a good time except for the water pump problems. I am so glad to be was so wonderful to see you and the girls (Anna & Olive). xoxo


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