Saturday, August 10, 2013

Urgent - Bloggers and Readers - Need Your Help

A fellow Blogger FarmGirl Gourmet needs our help.  Please hear me out and pass this along.

I am a firm believer in Small Businesses they are the back bone of this country and we are losing them right and left to big businesses that don't give the personal service and unique items to sell.

Heather at FarmGirl Gourmet has come up with a great idea for a Spice Block and is using Kickstarter to launch and start this unique idea.

Heather is down to the zero hour and is so close to funding this project.  

I have already backed Heather and I am asking you to do they same.

$5.00 is all I'm asking you to pledge that's a trip to Starbucks and ask your readers, friends and family to do the same.

This is a nice way to Pay It Forward

Thank you for hearing me out



  1. I am happy to report that Heather at FarmGirl Gourmet funded her Spiceologist Block Project. I think it is wonderful for a community to come together to help someone out.

    I'm wishing much success to Heather on her new venture.

  2. Yes, I agree. I backed her project but only at the 29.00 level. I love the look of the blocks.

    1. I plan on someday ordering the block I love it. At the moment I helped out with 65.00 I really wanted those spices the names sound very interesting and added a few more dollars when I saw people were canceling their pledges


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