Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/5/2011 - One blog too many - Starting Over

I had 3 blogs. One for food, one for crafting and one about my family and none of them were getting updated. I have gotten rid of all of them and started this blog. It finally sunk in I can use this blog for everything.
I will start with a little something about myself. I am a native Californian who was ready for a change. Bill and I sold our house we have had for 29 years and moved to Southern Utah. We bought a house on 42 acres and live on a mountain with our daughter Anna and our Jack Russell Terrier Whitey.

Escrow closed January 12th and we moved in the dead of winter and are still moving things in from storage. We are learning about snow shoveling, plowing and how to drive in weather. I also need to relearn how to cook in high altitude we are at 7100 feet. The view is fantastic the wild life is plenty and the quiet is relaxing.

Sit back and join me with a cup of coffee on the porch of Rancho Delux
Until next time...

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