Friday, March 25, 2011

I Spy Blue Skies

After 3 hours of snowing and hail and getting yet again another blanket of snow we have blue skies.  Although the snow is beautiful and that I was made for cold weather Bill is not and he is having a hard time with the cold and snow.  This being only 3 months of dealing with this kind of weather I hope this was not a mild winter for Bill's sake.

When I went outside this afternoon to snap these photos I saw my first signs of spring here on the mountain buds on the tree I hope you can see them I took this photo from the deck.  Those little buds are giving me hope for spring.

We are still not completely moved in and my office still has boxes and rubbermaid containers that need unpacking.  The problem is I need a desk and file cabinet but that will have to wait a couple months. This room is also going to serve as a guest bedroom.  Anna's best friend since kindergarten is coming to visit us for a few days next week.  Here is the daybed we bought.

Right now the bed is made to be slept in. I purchased light blue Shabby Chic sheets from Target. I already bought a daybed cover for it and matching bolster pillows to go along each arm of the bed.  I plan to get the matching shams for euro pillows to go across the back.  I got them in a natural color and will buy or make accent pillows in colors to brighten the bed up.  I cropped this photo nicely so you don't see the mess of boxes in the room  *grin*

Well the dog keeps scratching my hand to give her some lovin' so I better make her happy.

She has got that pitiful look on her face.  So I will close until next time - Pam

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