Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/7/2011 - More Snow

I woke up to snow this morning it started out very light and then got very heavy. Bill plowed the drive and when he got back he said that the main road had not been plowed yet. Yep we stayed home for the day. At one point the wind started up and I've never seen snow being sent into so many directions at one time it was beautiful. We didn't get as much snow as we did a week ago.
Our biggest concern right now is the mud under the snow. We are getting some nasty ruts in the drive which could be a problem now and when the dirt dries out. So much we are learning about living on a rural mountain.
This evening Bill, Anna and I watched Doctor Who. We just started watching season 1 on Netflix. We are enjoying the scifi tv show but sometimes I have a hard time understanding the british accent.
Everyone has gone to bed so I am now playing on the computer and listening to 60's music.
Until tomorrow,

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