Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Anytime Favorite

I absolutely love English Muffins and my favorite thing on a English Muffin is salted butter.  My next favorite thing is a poached egg.  Yes, I do love eggs benedict and could eat that dish every morning.

But, back to my lovely English Muffins.  I have never made a english muffin from scratch.  Why should I when there are so many good ones out there.  This morning I had Bays English Muffin.  Doesn't it look gorgeous!

Oh those nooks and crannies when the butter gets into all those places.  All that comes to mind is YUM!

Another of my favorites are Wolferman's.  They have a wonderful selection of flavors.  Today I ordered my english muffins I also requested to have my favorites to be sent to me every 30 days.  This is one of my indulgences.  The flavors I ordered were S.F. Sourdough, Cranberry Citrus, Cherry Blossom, Cheddar Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato and Herbs and Pumpkin (at a later date I will share my love affair with the pumpkin with you)  There are a total of 17 flavors to choose from. 

Thomas' and Oroweat English Muffins are others that I have enjoyed.  What are your favorite English Muffins and what do you enjoy putting on yours.

Until we meet again,

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