Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last night I watched Oprah's interview with Ralph Lauren.  He is such a gentleman and what a wonderful family he has.  You could just see the joy he has for his wife and children.  I loved the way he choked up (you could even see a tear in his eye) when he talked about the wedding gown he is making his daughter's June wedding.

While I was watching the show I had a "Ah Ha Moment"  The decor at his Colorado Ranch is what I want for my house.  (on a smaller scale)  I would look at the TV then look around my house and back to the TV.  My house is Western/Americana and I want to embrace that in my decor.  So the hunt is on for bedding, throws, pillows, accessories and furniture.

I am very excited to take on this adventure of "Ralph Lauren-ing" my house out. 

Bill and I had errands to do today and I love when we take a dirt road and explore around our neighborhood.  Here are a few photos I took.

 Barrel Cactus in Bloom
 I love the stacking of these rocks

Juniper Berries

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