Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Call Me "The Mountain Woman"

Yesterday afternoon Bill and I did our daily Pilates.  Afterwards I sat down on the sofa and placed my laptop on my lap and figured I would spend the rest of the afternoon playing on the computer.  After an hour Bill came into the house and said lets go for a little walk.

I put on my hiking boots (I know his kind of walks) and we headed down the driveway.  At the end of the drive we headed down the mountain and ended up in the pines and scrub oaks.  The ground there is very soft and a lot of rocks and lava rocks.  Not the easiest to walk on.  As we headed down towards one of the ravines I told Bill to watch his step but I was the one to lose my fitting and dropped down on the rocks onto my left knee, I did save the camera.  I worry more about Bill he is the one with bad knees.

It just amazes me how the pines trees will grow right up through the dead trees

After I took the photo of the trees we went down in the ravine to cross over to the other side.  I was following Bill.  Bill was at the bottom of the ravine and I was just getting to follow in his foot steps when I spotted a snake that Bill just walked over.  The first thing I thought was it was a rattlesnake looking at the marking on it.  

Bill came back over since I wasn't going to step over the snake too.  He used a long stick to gently pull the snake around so he could get a good look at it.  No diamond shaped head the snake started to go into the rocks no rattles at the end of its tail, not a rattler.  In fact it was not aggressive at all.

Now that I am on high alert for snakes I think I walked most of the way with my head down searching the ground.  After this point Bill turned into Mr. Gassy Pants and I was walking behind him.  OMG that is just not right.  I had to put up with him being gassy the rest of the hike!

This will give you a idea how far away from the house we were and how thick the trees and brush are around our house.  In all this thick forest you find wildflowers and they are beautiful.

Bill and I couldn't believe it we came upon another long dead deer this time a small buck. 

Here we are much closer to our house.  Our little hike ended up being an 1 1/2 hours long.  We watched some TV and then headed up to bed.  Let me tell you both of us could feel that walk as we slowly walked up the stairs to our bedroom.  Before going to sleep Bill said that I was turning into a "Mountain Woman"

Home Sweet Home

Until Next Time,

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