Monday, May 30, 2011

A Threat of Rain and a Trip to Town

Yesterday was a very gloomy cold day.  We had hail the size of peas and woke up today to a light dusting of snow.  The clouds looked very angry and we waited for a down pour which never happened.

We needed a new wheel barrel so with the threat of rain and thunderstorms we ventured down to town. Another one of my favorite stores is Ace Hardware.  This Ace carries the neatest stuff.  Besides the manly hardware section they also have a hunting and fishing department, clothing and shoes, housewares and my favorite the fabric department, yep I said fabric.  They have patterned fabric I have never seen and the best selection of minky and blanket fabric.  I controlled myself and only bought 4 pieces of remnant fabrics.  

Not sure what I will do with the fabric but I see many possiblities from scrapbooking, card making to sewing.

Bill was very busy this weekend.  He has been cutting wood for our stove.  He wants to make sure we do not run out of wood this winter.  Now that we have one winter under our belts we are finding out how much wood we need, what kind of winter clothing and shoes that are best.  Coming from a state that pretty much has two seasons hot and really hot this is so new to us.

I am going to be sharing a lot of sunsets on this blog.  I am so in awe of the beautiful sunsets here and each night it is something different.  Here is last nights beauty.

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