Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Decor

I was excited when I went to the market today.  They finally got the pumpkins, gourds and indian corn in the store.  I pulled out the harvest basket and fall lights that I picked up at Joann's and the antler we found on our property. I went to work on my first decoration for the fall season.  A few pheasant feathers would have look nice but I  have not been able to find them at any of the stores around here.  

 I have it sitting on top of the bar in my kitchen. (please ignore the stuff in the back ground) Not sure if this will be permeant home for the arrangement. I will decide after I pull out more fall decorations then everything should fall into place.


  1. That is really nice Pam, Here my little ones takes all of the decors for playing. My son will do a taste test also.

  2. I love the look of the antler for fall, need to find me some.

  3. That's very cool! I love the antler in the basket. I wish we had more of a change of seasons here.

  4. Love it. I love Fall - it's my favorite. xo


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