Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Has Been Postponed

When it comes to the new year like most everyone else I look forward to a fresh start and new beginnings.  

That has not happened at our house......

They say things happen in 3's

1.  New Years Eve.....I came down with a nasty cold (and still have it)

2.  January 2nd....Water pump went out in the truck (just got it back yesterday morning and we only have one vehicle)

3.  Yesterday our poor fur baby Olive was running in the snow below our house and got caught up in barbed wire.  The best way to explain what happened to her it was like skinning a buck with her injury. We rushed her to the vet, she got 10 stitches, and the doctor said she had no muscle damage.  She is doing well this morning although you can tell she is uncomfortable.

Please excuse me while I get Olive and myself back to being healthy.  Then I can start making 2014 the new beginnings like it is suppose to be.

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