Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anna is Home

Anna came on from her visit to California on Wednesday.  I am always a nervous wreck when she makes the 7 hour drive.  I spent the morning cleaning to try and keep my mind off her drive.  She made it home around 4pm.  We drove down to meet her (she leaves her car at the bottom of the mountain).  Perfect timing we reached the bottom while she was driving up.

We have spent the last few days since she got home catching up.  We went to St. George yesterday for a "Girl's Day" saw the movie Bridesmaids, had lunch at Smashburger, went to Barnes & Nobel and Sees Candies.  It was a perfect day.
Here are some photos of the critters around the house
 This Hummingbird got stuck in our garage
 The Chipmunks like sunning themselves on the rocks
 The Hummingbirds are enjoying the new watering hole
Just getting ready to land for a drink at the bar

While in St. George I took some photos of some of the natural plants.  I think they are just beautiful.

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