Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy House Busy Week

Just a warning I am going to be posting a lot of photos but not even close to the number of photos I have taken this past week.  Josh and Jacqui both arrived last week and the house was buzzing from that day on.
I love that Jacqui and Anna have a fun time getting their photos taken it makes it so easy for me
 Josh, Anna and Jacqui
Best Friends since Kindergarten

Jacqui had a tour of SUU (Southern Utah University) and Anna and I tagged along.  After the tour the fun began with photos

What a good bear

 Statue's and sculptures all around the campus
 I must say SUU is one of the most beautiful campus's I have ever seen.  Boy do they take care of their students.  

The Shakespeare Festival Store - Nice Hat Anna

The latest craze "Planking"
 The kids wanted to go shooting and we have the best place to shoot our own backyard
 Jacqui's Turn
Josh did great
Fourth of July Parade - They could just park this bad boy up at our house.  We were worried about someone lighting the mountain on fire with their fireworks

This scruffy little guy is Jack we met him with his family at the parade

This is one of my favorites.  There were so many of these "floats" with kids on baseball teams squirting the crowd.  Then there were kids watching the parade with their squirt guns getting them back.  I couldn't stop laughing it was great fun to watch.

This is just one of the many tractors that were in the parade.  

Everyone in the parade was throwing candy to the kids that the kids bring bags to put their score in.  I just love home town parades and Cedar didn't disappoint.

Until Next Time,

P.S. only 14 day until the new puppy
P.S.S. Updates on Brian Curtis can be found at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/BrianCurtis

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