Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Has Been Happening This Past Week

For the last week the Forestry and BLM crews have been on our property and the BLM property clearing a fire break.  They said that the trees have been so thick that our home would not have a chance if there was a fire.  They are cutting a path that if there is a fire it would go around our house.

 This chipper was amazing - Remote controlled and can go anywhere.  They cut down a huge dead tree and in 5 minutes it was down and going through the chipper.  If Bill had cut it down it would have taken at least the whole day
This use to be solid trees now there is a nice break.  They tagged all the trees that were to be left.  They said the trees were so thick they were not able to grow to the full potential.  The next few years we will see a big difference they will be shooting up.  We will see more wildlife too.

From our drive way they put in another break this one so they can bring the hoses in easily.
The crews will be back on Monday to work on the side of the house.  When they are completed they will start again at the bottom and have the two breaks become one.

I am so thankful for all the hard work the BLM and Forestry and doing to help keep us safe.

Yesterday their was a great car show downtown.  Main Street was blocked off.  There were cars from UT, AZ and NV.  I'm just sharing a few of the photos I took.  I love this Willies Truck (especially the color)

This Barracuda muscle car was Anna's favorite

I love the "Rat" hot rods.  I do like them looking crude

For the last 7 days we have had thunderstorms moving in and out very fast and we still have another 3 days of thunderstorms.  This photo was from last night - It was a beautiful sunset.

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