Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 2: A photo of your religious beliefs

I was Christened at St. Benedict's Catholic Church in Montebello, CA.  When I spent my summers with my dad I went to a Catholic Church.  I never did make it through confirmation.  Being hit by a nun with a ruler on my knuckles and then having a priest tell me I could not talk to God I would have to go through him in order for God to hear me it left me with a bad taste.

Also as a child I went to a Lutheran Church.  As an adult I became a member of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in La Crescenta, CA.  My daughter was Baptised at this church. I loved this church, the people and the Pastor.  

My husband and I sent our daughter to a Private Christian School that went from K-12
Basically I am a Christian

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