Friday, June 24, 2011

Grieving for My FurBabies

In the 34 years Bill and I have been together we have had 3 furbabies.  Since Whitey's passing I have been having a hard time sleeping.  I have been grieving not only for Whitey, but for Patch and Bullitt too.  I thought I would share some photos of all my girls and a little bit about them.

Our friends knew us so well.  They would find stuff animals of our girls

Meet Bullitt
Oh my gosh, Bully was the funniest dog ever.  She was a couch potato who hated to go for walks.  However, when we took her to the desert with us she would run and play.  Bullitt would get the sillies and run all over the house making grunting noises.  She would haul ass down the hall and couldn't make it around the corner and would run into the wall and take off again for our bedroom.  She would then jump on the bed and run laps on the king size bed.  

Bullitt was a "Sun Goddess" many times I would go into the kitchen and she would be on top of the dining room table having the sun rays hitting her and her eyes squinted.  She loved to sit up high and you could find her in the backyard sitting on top of the BBQ.  When we first moved into our house a neighbor kid knocked on our door and told us their was a animal in our backyard.  I told him our dog was in the backyard and he told me he would show me the animal.  We went to the backyard and there sat Bully and he pointed to her and said see it's an animal not a dog.

When Anna was born I was worried about her and Bullitt.  Bullitt had never been around children.  Bullitt's first love was her stomach and babies drop food.  Bullitt and Anna became best friends.  Bullitt sat in Anna's car seat, stroller, and carrier.  Bullitt couldn't get in her crib so she would get under the crib.  More times I would find Anna and Bullitt asleep on the floor next to each other.   Bullitt lived until she was 15 years old.

Meet Patch and Whitey

I'm putting these two together since they are mother and daughter.  We got Patch when she was 6 months old.  She was a wonderful dog and very protective of Bill, Anna and I.  4 months after we got her we went on vacation.  Patch sat up all night looking out the tent window making sure we were safe.

Bill was a runner and he would take Patch running.  They would go 6 plus miles a day.  Bill swore while they were running she would look back at him and smile. Bill logged his miles and Patch and Bill would run over 2,000 each year.  Patch would ride on Bill's gas tank of his motorcycle in the desert or would run along with him.  Patch was very elegant and gentle.

I decided to try my luck at breeding and I breed Patch with a Jack Russell named Blaze who looked so much like her.  One morning at 2am Patch woke me up and grunted then hopped off the bed and went into our walk in closet where I had a bed set up for her to give birth.  Oh my this was it she was going to have her puppies.  I grabbed my pillow and laid down in the closet while she did all the work.  I just rubbed her back and belly.  Patch had 5 healthy pups (Whitey was #4).  After watching her go through hours of labor to have the 5 beautiful puppies I found that breeding was not for me.  Yep, I'm a wuss. Patch also lived for 15 years.

Whitey was a very special little girl and the first dog we had since birth.  She was my shadow following me everywhere.  I had five doggie beds throughout the house so Whitey also had a place to lay down. Whitey was afraid of other animals (except for squirrels and pigeons).  Whitey loved to go for walks but hated to drive in the car.  This past July when we first came to Utah to look for property Whitey made the road trip with us.  We had the Tahoe filled and she sat up high right behind the drivers seat and she made the road trip with no problems.

Whitey would get under the sofa with her toys and make grunting and growling noises.  Whitey loved yogurt and would go nuts when you were eating it and then lick the container clean.  We moved to Utah in the dead of winter I was worried about her with the snow but she loved it.  She had no problem going out in the weather and she loved eating the snow too.  Whitey did not like squeaky toys but loved the rope toys the bigger the better.  Whitey always looked like a puppy and people would ask how old she was and they were shocked to find out that she was far from being a puppy. I was in Malibu a few years back with Whitey and we ran into Brad Garrett.  He played and petted Whitey.

All my girls were special and brought so much joy to our family.  We are so blessed to have these memories.  Our hearts still have room for more love so we are looking to fill that open space.

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