Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1: A photo of you and 10 facts about you

1.  I was born Oct 6th, 1958 in Downey, CA
2.  My favorite time of the year is Fall
3.  I met my husband when I was a Senior in HS - I was 18 he was 28 
4.  I love BIG 4-wheel drive trucks
5.  I shoot skeet and use a 410 Remington 870 Shotgun and have shot 24 back to back
6.  I can't imagine my life without a dog
7.  I'm dyslexic and it takes me 3x's longer to read a book than most people
8.  I have a good memory
9.  I spent my summers in either Iowa or Missouri
10.  I was a Girl Scout and I was in 4-H

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