Friday, June 17, 2011

Utah Summer Games Opening Ceremony

Last night was the opening ceremony for the Utah Summer Games.  Anna and I got to the SUU Stadium  a little after 7pm and the program started at 8:30pm.  Just as we were pulling into the parking lot it started pouring down rain.  We sat in the car until it passed.  We then picked up our tickets at Will Call and found our seats which were perfect.   Once we were seating it only rained a couple more times and it was a light rain.

Getting there early was great we were able to watch the BMX performers practice and I was able to get some nice shots of them.  During the performance there were so many kids that you could not even find the BMX riders so I am glad I got photos during their practice.

The athletes were brought in just like they do for the Summer Olympics.  It was so much fun watching the kids they were having a great time. (Notice the scary clouds)

Utah only has one professional sports team and that is the Utah Jazz Basketball Team.  I'm a big Football Fan so for me it was hard to get excited over basketball.  Let me tell you I have never seen so many people get excited for the appearance from the Utah Jazz "Bear" Mascot.  He arrived on the field via a Zip Line, he rode his motorcycle through fireworks, he gave out balls, T-shirts and other fun stuff and he rode around on his segway.  Not only were the kids going crazy so were the adults.

They also had a SLC band The Party Crashers performing top 40 hits and a few song I knew from the 1980's.  Everyone was singing and dancing.

They had a wonderful presentation for the Troops that had just been deployed out of Southern Utah.  For the lighting of the Flame they had servicemen carry the flame.  It brought tears to my eyes.  They had a servicemen from Iraq, Vietnam, Korea and WWII.  They ended the ceremony with patriotic songs and a wonderful fireworks display.  

Notice - If I had my camera on the correct settings and had a tripod these photos would have been so much better.  

Next stop is the Rodeo we were suppose to go tonight but I changed it to Saturday night.

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