Friday, October 7, 2011

A Drive Up The Mountain and Shopping Trip

Last night Bill and Anna took me out to dinner for my birthday and for cupcakes on the way home.  We got to the restaurant too early so we went for a short drive.  With the snow we had and the Aspen trees changing colors it was stunning.

We were only able to drive 5 miles up the road they had closed the road while they were plowing.

I took some photos of Anna

This morning on the news we found out that our town was the coldest in Utah.  Our low was 25 degrees last night.  We will be warming up to the low 70's next week however, our nights will still be quite chilly.  Since we are still learning about the winters here we are wondering if this cold front is a sign of a early winter?  I am hoping for a White Christmas for our first Christmas here.

Anna and I drove down to St. George today to do some shopping.  I wanted to get new sheets for the bedrooms.  Anna wanted the jersey sheets and I wanted flannel for our bedroom and the guest room.  I picked up some Christmas lights for our Christmas Tree I forgot to measure our deck I wanted to get lights for that too.  We also stocked up on products from Costco to get us through the winter.  Olive was not left out of our shopping trip.  We stopped at Petco to get her a new collar and some toys.  I would like to get in one more trip to St. George before we start getting weather.

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  1. Wow, I really don't care for cold weather and snow. LOL. We had a lot of snow last year though, so much I think we don't need any this year! The scenery is beautiful though. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Anna is a beautiful girl!


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