Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Birthday Surprise

Mother Nature sent me a wonderful Birthday present this morning.


Our first snow of the season.  The photo right below is what I see out my bedroom window.  Takes my breath away. 

I am 53 today (saying 53 like they do in Hot Fuzz, I love Simon Peg) which my daughter has been saying for the last year.  Bill and Anna couldn't have given me a more perfect gift with the snow.
Slip on snow boots.  I have been tired of lacing my boots up when all I'm going to do is take the dog out.  I love the color of these boots.

Anna fixed breakfast this morning.  Bacon, red potatoes with onions and red peppers and I had a english muffin with Nutella and coffee.  

When Anna came back from California last week we brought me a early Birthday present.  These beautiful roses and the sweetest card I have ever received.  I am blessed.

I have to share some Olive puppy photos with you.  Anna put on Whitey's (our beloved Jack Russell who passed away this year) T-shirt on Olive.  It looks more like a muscle shirt on Olive.  She didn't like it one bit and kept pawing the floor and biting at the shirt.  Here she is letting Anna know how much she doesn't like it.
This next photo is a little X-rated but it is so darn cute.  Olive knows how to get comfy in Bill's lap.

Not sure what the plan for dinner is.  I did make enchilada's yesterday and I have a big roast to put in the slow cooker for taco's and another roast for a pot roast dinner.  But heck! It's my birthday I don't want to cook (or should I say "clean up") I guess I will just wait and see what happens.

Until Next Time,

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  1. What a cute pup! I also love the snow pics. So pretty ... Happy belated birthday to you. Wow, how was that for a summary of your posts? :)


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