Monday, October 24, 2011


Last week Bill drove Anna and I to Mesquite, NV to meet my mom.  My mother's high school class (Montebello, CA class of '57) reunion committee was having a meeting and get together there.  We had a great time meeting everyone and had a blast dining, antique shopping and hearing stories of the good old days with them.  After the week was over Mom, Anna and I headed to Las Vegas.  Anna was catching a flight to California to spend a couple of weeks with friends.

The next day Mom and I drove back to Utah.  This is the first time my mom has seen my home.  We have spent the last few days relaxing and driving around showing her the sights.  Since the drive through town takes about 5 minutes I took her up the mountain to see Cedar Breaks which is just stunning. 

Here's mom and photos at Cedar Breaks.

Yesterday we took her up the mountain behind our house.  It was a beautiful drive.  All the Aspen trees have lost all their leaves at the top of the mountain.  I did get some photos of the Aspens with their leaves changing colors.  We saw about 17 deer some were when it was getting dark and you could barely make them out but you couldn't miss those big ears.  

As you can see from the photo with my mom we still have a little snow from our snow storm a couple weeks ago.  

Sending a Big Hello out to our Cousin Cathy in Iowa.

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  1. Just really found your blog - I started following you on twitter and now I'm reading through the blog - and I LOVE it. Makes you feel all homey and comfortable. Look forward to further scrolling or "strolling" through your blog.


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