Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee Talk - My Garden

I will be dedicating a few Coffee Talks to my garden.  One thing that I got excited about when we bought the house is that it has a fenced in garden.  That was great news.....now the bad news nasty soil here I would need to put in raised beds, not a problem until you factor in the water problem here.  The garden was not placed close to the water source (the outside pump) and running hoses that distance just will not work for me.  Plus, this is my first garden (except for herbs) in Utah and I'm not ready to go big just yet.

I have a huge deck off the kitchen/dining area which is perfect for a container garden.  I am getting anxious about the garden.  Last year a woman told me her grandfather said do not plant your garden until all the snow is gone from the mountain.  Wise words we still have a lot of snow up there and I would hate to do all that work to lose my garden to freezing temps (we have nights this past week that were 18 degrees) 

I ordered seeds from Burpee this is what I have so far:

Hot Pepper - Big Guy Hybrid
Onion - Evergreen Long White Bunching
Hot Pepper - Serrano Chili
Tomato - Fresh Salsa Hybrid
Spearmint - Mentha Spicata
Cucumber - Supremo Hybrid
Radish - Cherry Belle
Summer Squash - Golden Egg Hybird
Carrot (Organic) - Kaleidoscope Mix
Tomatillo - Gigante
Tomato - Patio Princess Hybrid
Tomato - Yellow Pear
Sweet Corn - On Deck Hybrid

I still need to get my herbs which I will get as plants at the local nursery.  I'm still considering getting some lettuce.  Do you have any suggestions?

Bill is going to make me some brackets so I can hang window boxes on the railing (which is very narrow) I can plant shallow items like the herbs and radishes there.  I already have hooks in place to hang planters.  

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  1. My suggestion would be leaf lettuce. Much handier than head lettuce. You just go out and cut off as many leaves as you need...and they grow back so quickly :)


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