Monday, June 17, 2013

Leftover Herbs

My husband had knee surgery June 1st and the medication he has been on he has lost his appetite and I have not been cooking.  I'm now trying to figure out what kind of posts I'm going to do. Bare with me until I can get back to cooking.

What to do with leftover herbs

I had picked some herbs for a dish I was making.  After chopping the herbs and measuring out what I needed I still had a lot of herbs left.  I'm not one to throw them away.  Instead I grabbed a small canning  jar and added some kosher salt, then the herbs and some more kosher salt.  I put the lid on and shook the jar until it was all mixed together.  The shaking also helps to release the oils into the salt.  I then let it sit for a week.  I opened it and the salt smells so good and it's now ready to use in your favorite recipes, rub for meat or fish, on top of bread and the list goes on.

Herb Salt

The two herbs I used for this salt were oregano and rosemary. 

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