Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Showers.....

Boy did we have a storm blown in last night.  I was sitting on the sofa playing on the computer listening to music and the whole living room lit up and just after the lightening a huge boom.  It hailed then a down pour of rain.  This went on for the next hour.  I had not heard thunder like that since I was a kid spending my summers in Missouri.

This morning the sky was blue but pretty muddy out.  We have had nasty winds today but they are to leave us pretty soon.  On the way back from town we passed a house where the flowers and trees were in bloom.  I had Bill drive around the corner so I could stop and get some photos.  I feel so blessed being able to move here.

I just took a blackberry pie out of the oven and now I'm going to make some vegetable beef soup for dinner.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping for Easter Dinner.  I'm still trying to put together a menu everyone will be happy with.  (I've got some picky eaters here)

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