Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bill's Favorite Dinner

Bill loves breakfast for dinner.  Tonight I made poached eggs with peppers and onions and crispy baked bacon.  He was so happy you would have thought it was Christmas. lol  It was darn good if I say so myself.  Mmmmm English Muffin for breakfast and for dinner I was in heaven.
We do have some sunshine right now but that is suppose to change in a couple hours.  We have a serve storm alert until 10am tomorrow.  Bill cleared off the deck twice today and here you can see it needed it a third time and it's a covered deck.
Even with all the snow Bill and I had a wonderful day.  The sellers left a snowblower and Bill started it up to see how it worked.  We found out why they didn't take it with them.  It was so funny watching Bill out pushing Mr. Snowblower it was turning but instead of blowing it out it was freezing up inside.   We had a nice laugh together and now I'm checking out what is the best snowblower out there.  Everyday on our 42 acres is an adventure that we are enjoying to the fullest.

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