Friday, April 1, 2011

It's great to have the kids home

It has been a very busy week
Bill and I spent two days cleaning the house.  It looks pretty good.  We just need a few more items and I think the house will be complete.  We need a dining room table and chairs.  Right now I have a plant under the light fixture so no one will hit their heads on it.  We would also like to have a entertainment center built for the TV.  I would like to get a rug for the living room floor.  The only other room that would need furniture is the craft room and I am looking all the time for some used bookcases.  Since I left my desk in California I will need one of those too.  It will have to be small since it will be going in the guest bedroom. 

Anna and Josh got home safe and sound.  They went to the baseball fields to practice batting and throwing balls.  They have great parks and sports facilities here.

The whole family went to the nursery and I got 6 hanging strawberry plants for the deck.  I picked up some rosemary and spearmint.  Next trip I'm going to get some blackberry and raspberry plants.  They have a great selection of vegetable plants next year I'm going to buy those instead of starting with seeds.

Today was such a beautiful day that Anna, Josh and myself drove down to St. George to do some shopping.  We had lunch at Five Guys Burger and Fries.  We shopped at Robert's Arts and Crafts, Costco, Lip Trix and went grocery shopping at Harmons.  I enjoyed the 78 degrees and blue skies but it isn't going to last we are suppose to have snow on Sunday. *heavy sigh*  It was starting to dry out and I was going to start working in the garden.  I will try to get a couple hours of pulling weeds and plants out of the garden tomorrow.

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