Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Productive Day in the Craft Room - Thank you Tim Gunn

My plan today was to work in the garden again.  I changed my mind instead I worked in the craft room.  I unpacked my Mini Tim Gunn and put him on my work table.  I sat there starring at him asking Tim, What am I going to do with this room?  I pressed the button and Tim told me "Make it Work"  how Tim Gunn of him, lol.  That's just what I started to do.  Make it work with what I have for now.

This week on ebay I got a vintage cheese box not sure what I was going to use it for.  My Making Memories paint fits perfectly in the box.  Now I need to get more of these boxes on ebay for the rest of my paint.  I love that I can see the colors so easily.

I bought a old 7-up bottle box at the Long Beach Flea Market a year ago.  How perfect my large paints, glues, mod-podge work in this box.

The gym baskets I bought are working out perfect for my embellishments.  Once I have them full I think they will look so nice and easy to go through.  I still have 6 more of these baskets coming.

I bought 24 CD Jewel Cases and took out the insert and started to put my cling rubberstamps in them.  I can't believe how fast I filled up all the cases.  I will have to go buy some more I still have a lot of rubberstamps.  I am going to make labels for each case with my Brother Label Maker.

I sure got a lot done today.  Tomorrow morning I am going to work in the garden before it starts raining/snowing.  I will then head upstairs to work on the craft room so more.

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