Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

My daughter loves to play Angry Birds (I love playing it too) so for her birthday I ordered a dozen Angry Birds Cake Pops.    They were so moist and delicious not to mention so darn cute.  I got them from MomsKillerCakes. They were a big hit with everyone.

We did get a few inches of snow on Monday which made for a beautiful morning.

In the afternoon we went for a nice drive through Quail Creek State Park. 

Today Bill and I worked in the garden pulling weeds and old plants.  Bill is going to fix the garden gate the wind has been so vilolent that a couple of the henges right off of it.   The gate needs to be fixed before I start planting I don't want the deer making a mess in the garden.

Anna, Josh and I went bowling this afternoon.  They have a very nice bowling alley here and I had a nice time.  I love that a couple of 22 year olds let me tag along with them. 

I brought 3 drawf fig trees with me from California they have been in the basement waiting until the day I can put them outside without freezing.  I am so happy that they made it through the winter and are doing so well.  Hopefully in the next few weeks they will be able to stay outside during the night.

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