Thursday, April 28, 2011

For The Birds

Yesterday the family and I went into town.  We needed to go to the post office and run a few errands.  We stopped into CAL Ranch to get some gardening gloves and a rake.  We could hear chirping so of course Anna and I have to go over and see the chicks and ducks.

I'm sorry the photos are so dark I forgot to use my flash

After we got home I went up to the craft room.  Let's just say my work table isn't clean anymore.  I started going through old photos.  Then realized I have a wireless scanning sitting next to me and I started scanning photos and putting them on Facebook.  There were old photos of my cousins and myself from the 1960's and birthday parties from that time too.  I was putting on photos of my daughter from middle school and baby photos too.  I was having a wonderful time and was up there for hours.

While sitting there I looked out the window and this Bluejay was sitting on the tree

I have a lot to do today.  I'm working in the garden, going into town to do some grocery shopping and of course hitting the post office again.

Until Next Time,

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