Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Can't Believe it is Already Mid Week

Happy Wednesday!

The morning didn't start out like I wanted I woke up to a massive headache.  I took a couple Advil made breakfast of poached eggs and bacon.  By the time I finished breakfast my headache was gone. Yeah
I spent the first part of my morning reading blogs and I also read a couple chapters of my book.

I have two Budgies Zoe and Craig.  Lately Zoe is hanging on the door of her cage greeting me as I walk through the laundry room.  For the last couple of days they have been talking up a storm really loud.  I love to listen to them chatter.

I had three more daffodils open up this morning.  They are so beautiful.  When I think of spring flowers they are the first ones I think of.  

I got a call from UPS today that I had a package.  I was shocked that it was my Cath Kidston purchase.  I placed my order just three days ago and it's here from the UK.
Isn't this the cutest mug to celebrate Will and Kate's Wedding.  I ordered the complete set which also included a Tea Towel, Reusable Bag and a Key Chain.  Anna claimed the Bag and Key Chain.
You can order a set for yourself and have it here just in time for the Royal Wedding Cath Kidston

Tonight Anna and I are going to play on Pogo together.  We get real silly sitting on the sofa playing games and chatting on the message board.  Love our Mother-Daughter time.

Until Next Time,

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