Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Friday

I waited until today to take my photographs.  Shame on me.  I can't blame it on being busy all I had to do was walk outside and snap some photos.  We live in a wooded area and to tell you the truth I got creeped out when I found not one but two ticks on Olive.  I do not do well with bugs especially blood sucking nasty things.  I pretty much have stayed in the house except walking to the car to go to town and then back home.

Today I did venture out and snapped some photos.  These three where my favorites.

The BLM and Forestry burned piles of tree branches and trees they cut down this past summer for a fire break.  I found this old bone in the pile where they had burned.  Close by were some other bones.  We have found bones from deers that had been killed by mountain lions around our property.  You can tell when it was a mountain lion you will find the skull crushed right on the deers nose.  I know too much information we have learned a lot from the Forestry guys.

 I was watching this crow gliding around in the wind and got a couple of nice shots but this one was my favorite with the town in the background.

Last is a little bush that is now coming into bloom next to the house.  

Tomorrow night I hope to get a nice photograph of the "Super Moon" when the moon is the closest to the earth.  I pulling out the tripod for that photo.

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