Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Friday

I wanted to make sure I got a nice shot of the moon the night of the Super Moon.  Since I live on a mountain I knew that the effect of the super moon would be gone before the moon made it over the mountain.  My husband was so sweet he drove me to the top of the mountain which is close to 9,000 feet.  I set my tripod up in the middle of the road and waited.  I need a different lens to get all the details of the moon in my photos.  So instead I got a big white dot and that was it.  I moved my tripod over so the trees would be in the photo with the moon.  I am very happy with the effect.

Today my daughter and I went for a drive.  She just got back from a visit to California and I wanted her to see the new spring lambs.  Oh my gosh they are so darn cute.  I was able to get a group photo and one nursing.  
I took a bunch of photos of these beautiful blossoms.  I wanted to play with the filters on the floral photos.  Not really sure which one I like the most and it is so hard to decide which one to choose.

Mother's Day we are going for a drive and I hope to get some nice shoots for next weeks Photo Friday.

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