Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Kick Off

Here it is the holiday weekend and the official start of summer and we have snow flurries.  Utah weather is crazy!  I am excited about June so much going on.  My daughter's best friend Jacqui will be coming up for a visit.
 During the time Jacqui will be here we have the Rodeo and the Paiute Parade and Pow Wow.  We are planning a day trip to Zion National Park and lunch at Oscars. Anna's boyfriend Josh is also planning a visit this month.  It's been too long since we have seen Josh and we miss him so much.

 There is a chance I will be meeting a internet friend too, Jenny.  Jenny will be on vacation and house-hunting they will be very busy and if I don't get to meet up with her in June when she does move she will be in living in the state right next to me so we will have some fun visits.

The Forestry and BLM should be back up here clearing more trees for the fire break unless they are called away for fires.  We had a very mild winter so fire danger is high this year.  There have already been a few fires in Southern Utah from people burning and it getting out of control.  The biggest threat is lightening strikes and fireworks.

June is also the start of working around the house.  We have wood trim we need to restain and seal.  We are going to work on a fenced area for Olive so she can go out and sun.  I am waiting one more year on my garden.  I have decided I want to do raised beds, I have to research the best way to get water down to the garden and Bill needs to fix the garden gate (yesterdays wind broke the gate).  Bill has already been working around the property trimming trees, cutting weeds and those dreaded scrub oaks are already out of hand again.  Bill already has a lot of firewood cut for the winter but we will need more.  We have enough on our to-do list to keep us busy all summer long we will also through in some day trips to explore the area around us.

I look forward to sharing family, home and food with you during the summer months.  I hope you will stop by and say Hi.

Until Next Time,


  1. Be careful what you wish for (meeting me) might happen. We did some of the hotels last night - someone told us it would be impossible to drive from Denver to Anaheim -- is that true (in one day?).

  2. That would be a 14 to 15 hour drive. That would be a hell of a long day.

  3. So baby we're stopping in St. George - there and back! :-)


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