Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never Ending Fire Protection

Last year Bill worked on clearing brush and trimming up trees around our house in order to help protect our house in case of a fire.  The Forestry and BLM were also on and around our property clearing trees and brush too.  We have scrub oak growing all over our property and it is taking over.  Last year Bill cleared it all out.  This year it came back with a vengeance.  We are going to cut it all back again by fall. There is a poison the BLM suggested we use to kill it.  We only want to get rid of the oaks that are close to the house and in the area we want to keep clear for a park like setting.  

Right now Bill is working the sage brush and trimming up more trees.  This summer it has been 10 to 15 degrees hotter than last year I really feel for Bill.  It doesn't look like the BLM and Forestry are going to be clearing the next stage of land.  There have been so many fires in Utah that it has taken them away from the plans they had this year.  The times we have seen them they have been training by doing timed walks up the livestock trail with loaded packs on their backs and carrying chainsaws.  I hope these guys get a break from being sent all over the state fighting fires.

With the sell of fireworks in Utah they are on high alert.  

The area around the house is looking so beautiful. All this hard work not just for beauty but to keep our home safe from a forest fire.

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  1. It is beautiful...here I was just thinking to myself the weeds on the side of the house (rocks are over there the landscaper doesn't cut them) are out of control...will have to work on those soon!


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