Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip with my Daughter

On July 12th my daughter and I left Utah en route to Nebraska for a wedding.  Our road trip ended up being 10 days of fun and a ton of driving in a Mini Cooper.  

 We got up at 3:00 am and were on the road by 4:30.  The drive through the Utah Desert was stunning.

 We took the I-70 route through Colorado.  The Rockies were beautiful, it rained through Vail. Anna made an appointment at a darling retro salon to get her bangs cut and we both got our eyebrows waxed that was a treat it had been a year and half since these gerbils were tamed.  

We were again on the road since Anna wanted to go to as many states she could we headed north to Wyoming to spend the night.  I made reservations at the Historic Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, WY.  Thinking I would give my daughter a wonderful experience at a historic old hotel was a good thing....NOT!  The sheets had stains on them and hair stuck to them.  We had already been up for 20 hours and I was way to tired to even do anything about it.  We took the top bedding off and just laid on the top of the bed.  I was happy to leave early in the morning.

 Not going to lie the drive through Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas pan-handle has got to be one of the most boring drives ever.  I could not wait for corn fields, farms and trees.  Anna and I did a lot of singing, in depth conversation about coloring and building a hotel in Kansas panhandle of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.  We have some great ideas if anyone would like to back us on building it.

 Finally we started to drive past farms and seeing something other than flat land.

 Highlight of the trip all the Cabela's we drove by (and went into) I love Cabela's.  I will have to share some of the photos that are also on my iphone.  Here is the Mecca of Cabela's the World Headquarters in Sidney, Nebraska

This is my daughter Anna taken at Cabela's - geese and ducks all over the grounds of Cabela's

 This was taken right after the wedding going to the reception.  Doesn't Anna look beautiful in her Bettie Page dress.  (Bettie Page Clothing Company)

 My sister Kim and daughter Anna at the wedding

 Anna, myself, my stepmother Janet and sister Kim

Anna standing in a corn field in Illinois

After Nebraska we went to Illinois for a visit.  OMG the Mississippi is amazing and huge.  Loved all the farms through IL.  This was my first time to IL and I got to check off another state I have not been to, 24 more states until I have seen all 50.

We drove through Iowa.  We stopped in Bettendorf to visit Deb and friend I met on the internet many years ago.  I didn't even think about taking photos however we had a wonderful visit and seeing her two dogs Shelby and Stella.  We spent the night in Pella, Iowa and darling Dutch town.  I saw the Pella plant where my windows were made for our house in CA.

These cute little guys were at a Amish Country Store in Iowa right at the Missouri boarder.  They were close to the bridges of Madison and I'm kicking myself now for not stopping.

I finally got to get off the highway and drive the back roads of Missouri.  I was very excited when we came across a Amish buggy.  Anna spotted horse poo on the road and said it's fresh I bet the buggy is close and it was just around the bend.

We stayed with my sister a couple of nights and visited with her.  While we waited for her to get off work we went for a drive and to get dinner since we had not eaten since that morning.  My sister is just 7 or so miles from Kansas.  I would have liked to have gotten a better photo of Leavenworth Prison it was beautiful and spooky at the same time.  I will have to see if our iphone's have a better photo.  Please excuse the typo on the photo, to lazy to change it.

After leaving my sister's house we headed home through Kansas, to Colorado and then on to Utah.  I will close here for now.  I do have iphone photos to share and our adventure on the day we spent with my sister Kim.  

Until Next Time,

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  1. Great trip - I lived right on the Mississippi River -- I miss it. Love you and glad you are back.


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