Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rancho Delux Photo's

It's a cloudy gloomy windy day at Rancho Delux.  I took a walk around the house to snap some photos of what is going on around our place.

 Olive waiting for me in the middle of our driveway
The snow is almost gone - Woo Hoo

Bill has been trimming the trees.  Before he started you couldn't even see in there.  Look at those 
giant piles of trimmings.  He tells me he is fixing it up like Jellystone Park

I love this view of our house

This is our covered deck.  We need to sand the wood and re-stain it  this year.  I would like to pick another color but Bill wants to stick with the green.  Would like to get a nice outdoor table and chairs so we can eat out there during the summer.

Olive uses her feet to grab rocks and bat them around like a cat 

The daffodils are sad that it is so gloomy out

I hope you are having a beautiful spring day.

Until Next Time,


  1. I love seeing these pictures. Now photos of your kitchen?

    1. I will take some pictures of the postage stamp I mean kitchen, it's that small - 4 steps one way and 3 steps the other way.....sad I gave up a nice big kitchen for location.

  2. At first glance I thought the first image of Olive was a giant rabbit! You have a gorgeous house and property :)

  3. That is beautiful house Pam, Olive is really cute.


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