Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Will Be A Creative Year

Wednesday's will be dedicated to getting creative.  In the 1970's I use to embroider I was never very good at it and had a hard time with some of the stitches especially the french knot and I have yet to master that stitch.  

A few months ago I started buying the supplies needed to start doing embroidery again.  I am embracing my rustic simplistic style of embroidering.  I started working on some dish towels for my daughter for Christmas....I didn't get them done in time, in fact I am still working on them.  My daughter loves the 50's, 60's Rock-a-Billy so that will be my theme.

The first piece I am doing is a 1950's Fan Dancer which I found at Sublime Stitching. I have two of their books and have bought some of their transfers and threads.  They are fun and light-hearted.

This is the piece I am working on now

Another site that has useful information on embroidery and beautiful pieces of what I consider Art is Mary Corbet's Needle 'N Thread I also subscribe to Mary Corbet's You Tube videos and email newsletter.  The videos have helped me remember stitches and learn new stitches. I enjoy sitting on the sofa watching TV and embroidering.

I am looking forward to a creative 2013.

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