Thursday, January 10, 2013

Food Love Thursday - Cookbooks

When we were getting our home ready to put on the market I was getting rid of things right and left.  China, antique furniture, collections I had and cookbooks.  I downsized my beloved cookbooks to just 3 boxes.  It was hard to let anything go but after 30 years of collecting it was time.

Just two months after moving into our house I started my blog and I met Jenny Hartin online.  Thanks to Jenny my cookbook collection grew 3 times the size.  Not only has Jenny helped me with my cookbook collection but also changed the way I cook.  I am trying new cooking styles and dishes I might have never tried.  Speaking of Jenny she started a fabulous Facebook Group The Cookbook Junkies.  A wonderful group of women and men that love to cook and collect cookbooks.  Everyone is so helpful when you have a question about a recipe, technique, reviews, giveaways and cookbooks this is your go to place.  

Recently I have been on a Texas Cookbook craze and I love all three of these although I have no intention of making the Calf Fries.

I think my next adventure into cookbooks in going to be Sushi any book recommendations? 

I hope you will join me over at The Cookbook Junkies you will be in good company

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  1. I am just catching up on reading all your posts. You are the best thing that happened to me in 2012! xo


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